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Want to see the next total solar eclipse in 2026? An expert recommends booking travel now
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Want to see the next total solar eclipse in 2026? An expert recommends booking travel now
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Experience Music Festivals In Luxury
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Hotel trends that are on the rise in 2024 – from ‘bleisure’ stays to conscious spending
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Travelers want deals — here’s where to find them, says HotelPlanner CEO
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Why luggage trackers don't prevent your bags from getting lost
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HotelPlanner Named Official Travel Partner of the United Premier Soccer League
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Hotels should get rid of these things now – and here's what they should add
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USA Triathlon Renews With HotelPlanner Through 2024
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American Group Travel Awards - Red Carpet Interviews
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American Group Travel Awards Gala: A Star-Studded Affair to Celebrate HotelPlanner’s 20th Anniversary & HipHop50
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West Palm Beach HQ celebrates 20th Anniversary; HotelPlanner Hosts American Group Travel Awards in Boca Raton
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7 US Cities Where You Can Still Take the Entire Family on Vacation for Cheap
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HotelPlanner Adds Cleverdis to its Family of Brands
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HotelPlanner Adds Cleverdis to its Family of Brands
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Revenge Travel Appears to be Over
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Vacations Only the Rich Can Afford
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HotelPlanner acquires Eventsquid
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HotelPlanner Partners with RushMyPassport
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HotelPlanner Acquires Event Registration Platform Eventsquid
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HotelPlanner Adds Eventsquid to its Family of Brands
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Standby Apartments And Other New Long-Term Lodging Options You Need To Know
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HotelPlanner Adds The Avon Company to its Affiliate Network
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American Group Travel Awards Announce Nominees & Call for Vote
GlobeNewswire 2023.09.06 글로 이동 �
American Group Travel Awards Announce Nominees & Call for Vote
Benzinga 2023.09.06 글로 이동 �
American Group Travel Awards Announce Nominees & Call for Vote
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The great British airport meltdown is in danger of becoming the norm
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Smart Stays: How AI Is Affecting the Hospitality Industry
Biz Bash 2023.08.31 글로 이동 �
Hotel Hustle: John Prince & the Rise of
Locality Bank podcast 2023.08.31 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Sponsors European Tennis Players to Promote Brand
Travolution (UK) 2023.08.31 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Backs European Tennis
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Business Leader Q&A with HotelPlanner's Tim Hentschel
Business Leader (UK) 2023.08.25 글로 이동 �
DEI Advisors interviews HotelPlanner's Tim Hentschel on Entrepreneurship
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HotelPlanner Adds Lucid Travel to Family of Brands
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How to Speed Up The Passport Approval Process
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Water, Water, Everywhere: HotelPlanner Says Embrace The ‘Blue Mind’ In The Florida Keys!
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HotelPlanner Partners with The Vkind Experience as their Exclusive Hotel Provider
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Americans Prioritize Fall Trips, As Travel Appetite Extends Into Autumn
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For the 2nd Time, HotelPlanner Makes the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies
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HotelPlanner is NANOE's Hotel Provider of Choice
National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives (NANOE) 2023.08.15 글로 이동 �
Palm Beach-Based HotelPlanner Acquires Leading Travel Platform Lucid Travel
Tech Hub South Florida 2023.08.14 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Adds Lucid Travel to its Family of Brands
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HotelPlanner Acquires Lucid Travel to Cement New Market Growth
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How To Visit National Parks In Style according to HotelPlanner
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HotelPlanner Adds Lucid Travel to its Family of Brands
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Hotels are returning fire in the ‘junk fee’ war. Don’t be a casualty
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Heat and wildfires put southern Europe’s vital tourism earnings at risk
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Hotels are returning fire in the 'junk fee' war. Don't be a casualty.
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Flight From Hell: HotelPlanner's Tim Hentschel on Newsmax discussing Grounded Delta Flight
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HotelPlanner's Bruce Rosenberg discusses recent flight delays and disruptions
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The climate crisis will irrevocably change how we holiday: Here’s what the future of travel looks like
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HotelPlanner's John Prince: One of Palm Beach County's 100 Most Influential Business Leaders
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The ‘drizzle tourists’ who travel to the UK for its cool climate
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Travel Horizon: HotelPlanner Celebrates 20 Years
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Why cooler weather holidays and off-season islands are luring last-minute travellers
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The Latest Trends in Hotel Room Entertainment Offerings
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How ChatGPT Can Help You Save Money on Travel Expenses, From Insurance to Car Rentals
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How Entrepreneurs Can Identify Opportunities in Disguise — Even When Times Are Tough 2023.07.21 글로 이동 �
Tourists are packing European hotspots, boosted by Americans
Associated Press 2023.07.14 글로 이동 �
Race Near your Favorite National Park - HotelPlanner Becomes Hotel Provider for Vacation Races
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Summer hotel discounts are there — if you know where to look
The Points Guy 2023.07.13 글로 이동 �
Tim Hentschel, Co-founder & CEO, HotelPlanner - How to Turn $5,000 into a Billion Turnover
Brave, Bold, Brilliant Podcast 2023.07.10 글로 이동 �
Traveling for business? 5 tips for working better from the hotel room
Fox Business 2023.07.05 글로 이동 �
Hotels are hiding nonrefundable fees. Here’s how to fight back.
Washington Post 2023.07.05 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Makes Travel Weekly's 2023 Power List
Travel Weekly 2023.06.28 글로 이동 �
Hotel Heaven: Meet Travel & Tech Entrepreneur Tim Hentschel
MayFair Times (UK) 2023.06.27 글로 이동 �
Dangerous adventures and expeditions. What drives people to seek these potentially deadly trips??
KNX News (Radio Interview) 2023.06.22 글로 이동 �
American Group Travel Awards Come to Boca Raton in November
GlobeNewswire 2023.06.15 글로 이동 �
The Generative AI Revolution: Key Legal Considerations for the Hospitality Industry
National Law Review 2023.06.12 글로 이동 �
Passport e-gates were ‘upgraded’ by Border Force before IT chaos
The Times (UK) 2023.06.01 글로 이동 �
How the travel and hospitality industry is already leading the way in Generative AI
Intelligent CXO (UK) 2023.05.26 글로 이동 �
'HotelPlanner Has Got Me Covered' by HotelPlanner Brand Ambassador Lawrence Okolie
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Don’t Book Hotel Stays on These Days of the Week
Yahoo! Finance 2023.05.26 글로 이동 �
23 Brilliant Ways to Save on Summer Travel
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Traveling with pets this summer? You might need this checklist
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Taking a Post-Grad Trip: How To Get the Most Bang for Your Buck
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Travel Experts Predict How AI Could Forever Change How We Vacation
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HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard on NTD Good Morning Show
NTD News (TV interview) 2023.05.09 글로 이동 �
Hotel Construction Growth 'Leads Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery'
Globe St. 2023.05.08 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard on Cost Saving Tips for Summer Travel
Newsmax TV (Interview starts at 56:30) 2023.05.06 글로 이동 �
How to Integrate ChatGPT into your Loyalty Programme
Modern Hospitality (UK) 2023.05.03 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Confirms the Pickleball Boom is Real
Haute Living 2023.05.02 글로 이동 �
Brother, Can You Spare a Solar Panel? Sustainability Is The Art of The Achievable, by HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard
Hotel Executive 2023.05.02 글로 이동 �
Snipers and vetting coronation fanatics: how London is preparing
The Times (UK) 2023.05.01 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner's Tim Hentschel on Hotel Deals for King's Coronation
GB News (TV interview starts at 28:30) 2023.05.01 글로 이동 �
7 Europeans Explain How They Really Use All Their Vacation Time
Travel + Leisure 2023.04.30 글로 이동 �
Strikes, soaring airfares and yo-yoing hotel fees: A traveler’s guide to the coronation
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Colorado Woman Travels 6,500 Miles to Save Money on Hair Appointment
Newsweek 2023.04.27 글로 이동 �
London Poised to Take Hotel Crown From Las Vegas
BNN Bloomberg 2023.04.26 글로 이동 �
Plenty of room at London’s inns
Business Live (Bloomberg) 2023.04.26 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard on 2023 Travel Trends at Digital Travel CONNECT
YouTube 2023.04.25 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner integrates ChatGPT into its loyalty programme
NS Digital World (UK) 2023.04.21 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner launches loyalty program with ChatGPT integration
Hotel Dive 2023.04.21 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Integrates ChatGPT into its Loyalty Program
Financial Post (Canada) 2023.04.20 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner integrates ChatGPT into its Loyalty Programme
Travel Daily Media (UK) 2023.04.20 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Integrates ChatGPT Into Loyalty Programme
Travel Pursuit (UK) 2023.04.20 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Integrates ChatGPT into its Loyalty Program
Globe Newswire 2023.04.18 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Integrates ChatGPT into its Loyalty Program
Yahoo! Finance 2023.04.18 글로 이동 �
Summer Vacations Are Sold Out. Here's How to Travel Anyway.
Forbes 2023.04.17 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner To Become ‘Welcome To Yorkshire’ Preferred Provider
Event Planner News Blog 2023.04.12 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner to Become Preferred Hotel Provider for UK Tourism Agency ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’
Globe Newswire 2023.04.11 글로 이동 �
ISLE GO: The Mediterranean island with the best-value holidays this year, according to travel expert
The Sun (UK) 2023.03.30 글로 이동 �
The Coronation Guide to London: Where to Drink, What to Do
Bloomberg 2023.03.30 글로 이동 �
Travel is Wellness: A Vacation for your Body, Mind and Spirit
Haute Living 2023.03.28 글로 이동 �
Room to Improve: The big red flag you should look for when booking your hotel
The Sun (UK) 2023.03.27 글로 이동 �
Travel season is high season for scammers, so make sure you’re not falling into a trap
Consumer Affairs 2023.03.27 글로 이동 �
Europe’s Top Spring Break Destinations Eclipse US Beaches As Travelers Flock Overseas
Vigour Times 2023.03.18 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Announces Partnership with SunFest, one of Florida’s Largest Music Festivals
Cision PRWeb 2023.03.16 글로 이동 �
Adios National Parks, Orlando, and Hawaii: Here’s Where Americans are Heading for Vacation This Spring Instead
Wealth of Geeks 2023.03.15 글로 이동 �
Traveling to Mexico? Here's What You Need to Know
Smarter Travel 2023.03.15 글로 이동 �
ITB Berlin 2023 Interview: Bas Lemmens, CEO, & President, HotelPlanner EMEA
Breaking Travel News 2023.03.09 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner looks to grow group bookings at ITB Berlin 2023
ITB News 2023.03.08 글로 이동 �
From ‘Sun’s Out, Guns Out’ To ‘Namaste:’ HotelPlanner Shows How Spring Break Is Rapidly Evolving
Haute Living 2023.03.07 글로 이동 �
My hotel is not what I expected. Can I check out and get a refund?
Seattle Times 2023.03.06 글로 이동 �
My hotel is not what I expected. Can I check out and get a refund?
USA Today 2023.03.03 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Partners with the Vegan Women Summit as their Exclusive Hotel Provider
Cision PRWeb 2023.03.01 글로 이동 �
WTT Champions returns to Macau, HotelPlanner to sponsor Singapore Smash 2023.03.01 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Named Official Travel Partner for World Table Tennis’ Singapore Smash
Cision PRWeb 2023.02.28 글로 이동 �
Is Mexico as dangerous as it’s being made out to be? Experts try to bring some clarity to the situation
Consumer Affairs 2023.02.22 글로 이동 �
Will AI Technology Crush Your Industry? The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Job Markets
Valiant CEO 2023.02.21 글로 이동 �
You asked: My hotel changed my rate after booking. Can they do that?
Washington Post 2023.02.17 글로 이동 �
Top Travel Trends for 2023 according to HotelPlanner
London Daily News 2023.02.16 글로 이동 �
Staycations boom for half term as Brits look to swerve strikes hitting holidays abroad
Mirror (UK) 2023.02.13 글로 이동 �
Phoenix Area Shines in Super Bowl Spotlight
Sports Travel Magazine 2023.02.10 글로 이동 �
The Super Bowl Effect: Impact of Big Events on Room Rates in the Sun Belt
Lodging Magazine 2023.02.10 글로 이동 �
Opportunity to book affordable last-minute staycations: Hentschel
Travel Daily Media (UK) 2023.02.09 글로 이동 �
16 Fun Facts and Stats About the Super Bowl’s Impact in Phoenix
Phoenix New Times 2023.02.08 글로 이동 �
UK Strikes Are Costing The Hospitality Industry Dearly (UK) 2023.02.06 글로 이동 �
Wave of strikes has cost London economy £120m
Evening Standard (UK) 2023.02.06 글로 이동 �
King’s Coronation set to boost UK economy by £1bn as pubs, hotels and shops bring in cash
Express UK 2023.02.01 글로 이동 �
Top Travel Trends for 2023
Retail & Leisure International (pg. 36) 2023.01.30 글로 이동 �
Tourism Innovation Summit Interview with HotelPlanner's Tim Hentschel
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Seven travel trends for 2023
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HotelPlanner CEO Reveals 2023 Travel Predictions
Globetrender 2023.01.23 글로 이동 �
Spring break preview: What to expect and how to have a smooth trip
Seattle Times 2023.01.23 글로 이동 �
Travel experts share their predictions for 2023’s best bets
Consumer Affairs 2023.01.23 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner President Bas Lemmens Interview at 2022 Tourism Innovation Summit
YouTube 2023.01.20 글로 이동 �
Emergency App is equipping us with the digital tools necessary to weather disasters
Refresh Miami 2023.01.19 글로 이동 �
For new Raleigh/Durham airline, FAA issues are part of the growing pains
Triangle Business Journal 2023.01.12 글로 이동 �
The great booking debate: Is direct better than a third-party site?
Washington Post 2023.01.11 글로 이동 �
When You Wish Upon a Star – How to Celebrate Disney’s 100 Years of Wonder, According to HotelPlanner 2023.01.11 글로 이동 �
The Emerging Travel Trends of 2023
Athinorama (Greece) 2023.01.11 글로 이동 �
Globetrender Forecast (sponsored by HotelPlanner) Reveals 11 Travel Trends for 2023
Globetrender 2023.01.11 글로 이동 �
FAA’s ground stop affects more than just the airline industry
Arizona's Family (TV interview) 2023.01.11 글로 이동 �
Grounding of Flights in U.S. Produces Aftershocks for Travelers and Hospitality
PhocusWire 2023.01.11 글로 이동 �
3 Ways to Grow Your Business While Maintaining Your Independence as an Entrepreneur by Tim Hentschel 2023.01.10 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Partners with Emergency App to Provide Hotel Availability during Natural Disasters and other Emergencies
Cision PR Web 2023.01.09 글로 이동 �
'Off the beaten track' holiday destinations with picturesque views and cheapest deals
Express UK 2023.01.06 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner and ZentrumHub Partner to Expand Inventory & Distribution Channels
Cision PR Web 2023.01.03 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard on how the 'Bomb Cylone' is Affecting Holiday Travel
Real America's Voice TV 2022.12.22 글로 이동 �
3 Contradictory Personal Qualities to Help You Build a Billion-Dollar Brand by Tim Hentschel 2022.12.15 글로 이동 �
Five ‘Can’t Miss’ Holiday Activities in New York City, according to HotelPlanner
Haute Living 2022.12.14 글로 이동 �
Is your hotel 4- or 5-stars? Here’s how to tell them apart
CNBC International TV 2022.12.12 글로 이동 �
WTTC 2022 Saudi Arabia: Tim Hentschel, Co-Founder & CEO of HotelPlanner
Breaking Travel News! 2022.12.01 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner’s Top 10 Travel Trends for 2023
Business Wire 2022.11.29 글로 이동 �
World Travel & Tourism Council Exclusive Interview with HotelPlanner CEO Tim Hentschel from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
World Travel Essential (Spotify) 2022.11.29 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner’s Top 10 Travel Trends for 2023
Haute Living 2022.11.29 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Partners with Luxury Lifestyle Brand Haute Living
Cision PR Web 2022.11.28 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner CEO Tim Hentschel Interview on Newsmax TV with Rita Cosby
Newsmax TV 2022.11.26 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Sponsors U.K.’s Manchester Storm Hockey Club
Cision PR Web 2022.11.24 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner and Roibos Parter on Hotel Marketplace Connectivity
Cision PR Web 2022.11.22 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard on Thanksgiving Travel & Hospitality Outlook
Real America's Voice News (TV interview) 2022.11.22 글로 이동 �
Cornell Hotel School Dean's Lecture with HotelPlanner CEO Tim Hentschel (Class of 2001)
Cornell University (begins at 6:00 minute mark) 2022.11.21 글로 이동 �
Digital Nomads Are On The Rise. But Where Should They Live Now?
Forbes 2022.11.19 글로 이동 �
Travel Trends 2023: Where to Go & How to Do It
Country and Townhouse (UK) 2022.11.17 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Takes the Ice with U.K.’s Bees Ice Hockey Club
Cision PR Web 2022.11.16 글로 이동 �
Five Travel Myths Debunked for Thanksgiving Weekend
The Street 2022.11.16 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner selects Amadeus to Expand Inventory for Corporate & Leisure Channels
Cision PR Web 2022.11.15 글로 이동 �
Fall Weddings Are Hotter than Ever According to HotelPlanner
Haute Living 2022.11.15 글로 이동 �
Could a month-long escape to the sun really save you money?
The Guardian 2022.11.07 글로 이동 �
Play Ball! HotelPlanner and Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium Partner on Discount Hotel Rates for Fans
Cision PR Web 2022.11.04 글로 이동 �
Affluent Americans Are Heading Overseas And Bringing Their Cash
The Fox Magazine 2022.11.04 글로 이동 �
Defy The Odds With Success Tips From HotelPlanner Co-Founder Timothy Hentschel
The Fox Magazine 2022.10.28 글로 이동 �
Next decade of travel and tourism defined at Tourism Innovation Summit 2022
eTurboNews 2022.10.26 글로 이동 �
6 Hacks To Help You Afford Family Vacations as Costs Keep Rising
Go BankingRates 2022.10.20 글로 이동 �
'Eurovision fever' hits Liverpool as hotels asked not to hike prices
The Caterer (UK) 2022.10.11 글로 이동 �
How To Travel for Cheap Around Christmas
Go BankingRates 2022.10.06 글로 이동 �
Anime Festival Asia Returns this Year with HotelPlanner as Official Hotel Partner
EIN Newswires 2022.09.23 글로 이동 �
This isn't the holiday travel season to procrastinate. Book your tickets this month.
USA Today 2022.09.23 글로 이동 �
London Experiencing Tourism Influx as Travelers Celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Life
Travel Pulse 2022.09.19 글로 이동 �
Royal fans give London tourism a bump amid U.K. economic woes
Travel Weekly 2022.09.19 글로 이동 �
Royal fans boost tourism in inflation-hit UK
The Times of India 2022.09.18 글로 이동 �
CNN interviews HotelPlanner's CEO on London Hotel Demand for Queen's Funeral
CNN International 2022.09.16 글로 이동 �
It’s a bad weekend to be traveling in Europe
Washington Post 2022.09.16 글로 이동 �
Hotel rooms for Queen’s funeral advertised for £1,550 – excluding breakfast
The London Economic 2022.09.15 글로 이동 �
Hotel prices to hit 'all time high' ahead of Queen's funeral
Wales Online (UK) 2022.09.15 글로 이동 �
GB News interviews HotelPlanner Co-founder & CEO Tim Hentschel on London hospitality outlook
GB News - Britain's News Channel 2022.09.14 글로 이동 �
BBC Radio Scotland interviews HotelPlanner CEO on Historic London Hotel Demand
BBC Radio Scotland 2022.09.14 글로 이동 �
Thinking about visiting London from Boston this month?
Time Out Boston 2022.09.14 글로 이동 �
London hotel prices soar to £1,500 a night as demand surges ahead of Queen’s funeral
Independent (UK) 2022.09.14 글로 이동 �
London Hotel Prices Soar Ahead of Queen’s Funeral
Skift (Thomson Reuters) 2022.09.14 글로 이동 �
London travel demand rises following Queen Elizabeth's death
Travel Weekly 2022.09.13 글로 이동 �
London Hotel Prices Surge More Than 30% Ahead of the Queen’s Funeral
Bloomberg 2022.09.13 글로 이동 �
London flight, hotel fares surge ahead of Queen's funeral
Reuters 2022.09.13 글로 이동 �
Bookings are already up: What you should know about traveling for Queen Elizabeth II's funeral
USA Today 2022.09.09 글로 이동 �
What to know about attending Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral events
Washington Post 2022.09.09 글로 이동 �
'The Business of Sports Travel' podcast with HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard
South Florida Tribune's 'No Limits' podcast 2022.09.08 글로 이동 �
9 Ways To Save on Travel in Retirement During Times of Inflation 2022.09.07 글로 이동 �
Travel loyalty programs 'need to get better.' How to choose one that won't lose value
USA Today 2022.09.02 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner: A Hotel Booking Engine with Global Ambition
Palm Beach County Business Magazine 2022.08.15 글로 이동 �
Bootstrapping in America podcast with host Dylan Ratigan featuring HotelPlanner Co-founder & CEO Tim Hentschel
Tasty Trade 2022.08.11 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Expands in West Palm Beach
Business Development Board 2022.07.28 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Partners with Event Ticketing Company LuvSeats as Exclusive Hotel Provider
Cision PR Web 2022.07.18 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Hits the Mark with USA Archery
Cision PR Web 2022.07.14 글로 이동 �
Long Island couple's luggage stuck in Europe more than a week after trip ended
CBS News - NY 2022.07.11 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner to Expand Global Reach with TravelgateX Partnership
Cision PR Web 2022.07.07 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner CEO Tim Hentschel: How The Travel And Food Industries Can Benefit One Another In A Post-Pandemic World 2022.07.07 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner's Bruce Rosenberg on 4th of July Travel Recap
Newsmax TV (Spicer & Co.) 2022.07.06 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner's Tim Hentschel on 4th of July Travel
Fox News Channel 2022.07.04 글로 이동 �
Mass Flight Cancellations Ahead of July 4th Weekend
NBC News 4 New York 2022.06.28 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Explains How To Travel Like A Fashionista For Fashion Week On A Barista’s Budget
Haute Living 2022.06.16 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard on US Lifting Covid Tests for Inbound Air Travelers
LBC News - Chris Golds Show (Interview begins at 25:00 minute mark) 2022.06.10 글로 이동 �
Travel recovery surpasses expectations
TTG Asia 2022.05.26 글로 이동 �
From Launch to Succession: Tips for Building a Thriving Business (by HotelPlanner Co-Founder & CEO Tim Hentschel) 2022.05.25 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Announces Appointment of Neil Valentine to Newly Created Role of Chief Strategy Officer
Cision PR Wire 2022.05.24 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Becomes Exclusive Hotel Reservations Provider for Singapore's Leading Football Academy
Cision PR Newswire 2022.05.19 글로 이동 �
Who Says You Can’t Work From The Beach? Digital Nomads Combine Work And Play And Are Here To Stay 2022.05.16 글로 이동 �
U.S. travel firms flex marketing muscle to lure travelers seeking sun and sand
Reuters 2022.05.13 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner President Bruce Rosenberg Says Las Vegas is Roaring Back
The Morning Blend | Las Vegas KTNV Channel 13 2022.05.11 글로 이동 �
Hotel Rates Seen on the Rebound
Philippine Daily Inquirer 2022.05.04 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Named a Top Workplace in South Florida
Cision PR Web 2022.05.02 글로 이동 �
Embracing the Travel Comeback: HotelPlanner Centers its Reservation System in the Gig Economy
Haute Living magazine (NYC print edition; article begins on pg. 140) 2022.05.02 글로 이동 �
Destination Weddings Are Back And HotelPlanner Has Tips To Ensure An Amazing Experience 2022.04.27 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner and Partner on Discount Hotel Bookings for the Electric Vehicle Community
Cision PRWeb 2022.04.22 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner's Chief Communications Officer Philip Ballard on NEWSMAX TV National Report
Newsmax TV National Report 2022.04.22 글로 이동 �
Unmasking Travel: Featuring HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard discussing the end of mask mandates
Jenna Ellis Show (begins at 13:30 minute mark) 2022.04.18 글로 이동 �
Tim Hentschel discusses end of mask mandates
Rob Schmitt Show on Newsmax 2022.04.18 글로 이동 �
Real America's Voice Speaks to HotelPlanner's Chief Communications Officer
Real America's Voice - Breaking Point with David Zere 2022.04.16 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner and Ventures Endurance Partner on Athlete Hotel Bookings for 115 Annual Endurance Races and Events
Cision PR Web 2022.04.13 글로 이동 �
ASEAN Ahead: HotelPlanner Sees SE Asia Tourism Recovery
Bloomberg ASEAN Ahead 2022.04.04 글로 이동 �
Rethinking Success: What It Means to 'Make It' as an Entrepreneur 2022.04.01 글로 이동 �
60 Seconds with Bas Lemmens, HotelPlanner & President
Digital Travel Connect 2022.03.29 글로 이동 �
Bringing People Together: HotelPlanner and FEVO Partner to Add Travel Component to Social E-Commerce Platform
Cision PR Web 2022.03.29 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner and Choice Hotels Sign Deal to Integrate Group Bookings
Cision PRWeb 2022.03.24 글로 이동 �
Travel ‘tailwinds for the recovery are greater than the headwinds’: HotelPlanner CEO
Yahoo Finance TV 2022.03.22 글로 이동 �
'Have a plan to evacuate' Britons issued travel advice in Europe holiday warning
Express 2022.03.17 글로 이동 �
Should travelers rethink Europe plans because of the war in Ukraine?
CNN Travel 2022.03.17 글로 이동 �
Embracing The Travel Comeback: HotelPlanner Combines Gig Based Travel Agent Concierge Platform With AI-Enabled Technology
Haute Living 2022.03.14 글로 이동 �
Russia – Ukraine crisis: Aftershocks in travel and hospitality
Boutique Hotel News 2022.03.14 글로 이동 �
Travel Restrictions And Vacations In 2022 (Radio interview)
The Tape Podcast (Bloomberg) 2022.03.07 글로 이동 �
“90% of Americans” Plan to Travel Soon Amid War In Europe
Inside the Magic 2022.03.01 글로 이동 �
Astrea Acquisition Corp., HotelPlanner and Mutually Agree to Terminate Business Combination Agreement
BusinessWire 2022.02.14 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard discusses the latest travel and hospitality industry trends
Real America's Voice 2022.02.14 글로 이동 �
Hotel industry prepares for Inglewood to triple in size ahead of Super Bowl LVI (NBC 3 Sacramento) 2022.02.11 글로 이동 �
Reminder to Investor Community: Astrea Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: ASAXU) is Not the Same Company as Astra Space, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASTR)
BusinessWire 2022.02.11 글로 이동 �
Speed to Scale: HotelPlanner and Aimbridge Hospitality Announce New Partnership
Cision PR Web 2022.02.11 글로 이동 �
Struggling LA hotels get much needed Super Bowl occupancy boost 2022.02.10 글로 이동 �
How to avoid a costly isolation period if you get coronavirus while abroad
Washington Post 2022.02.09 글로 이동 �
'The Future of Travel' podcast episode featuring HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard
The Home Based Travel Agent Show 2022.02.08 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Becomes Exclusive Online Hotel Reservations Provider for USA Bobsled/Skeleton
Cision PRWeb 2022.02.01 글로 이동 �
3 Ways Technology Will Change How We Book Travel 2022.01.31 글로 이동 �
EXCLUSIVE: HotelPlanner CEO Tim Hentschel On The Transition To Becoming Publicly Traded 2022.01.31 글로 이동 �
Lodging deals in Colorado’s ski communities
Fox31 Denver 2022.01.19 글로 이동 �
2022 ICR Conference Fireside Chat with HotelPlanner Co-Founder & CEO Tim Hentschel 2022.01.12 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Becomes Exclusive Online Hotel Reservations Provider for USA Judo
Cision PRWeb 2022.01.07 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner to Present at the 2022 ICR Conference
BusinessWire 2022.01.06 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard on The Kevin Wall Show-AM 670 Las Vegas discusses 2022 travel trends
The Kevin Wall Show-AM 670 Las Vegas 2022.01.06 글로 이동 �
Guest Xperience podcast: Call Center Technology with Philip Ballard
Guest Xperience podcast 2022.01.04 글로 이동 �
From Start Up to Creating a SPAC. Here's How I Did It!
Family Office Association 2022.01.03 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner's Philip Ballard on Fox 2 KTVU San Francisco discusses 2022 travel outlook
Fox 2 KTVU San Francisco 2022.01.03 글로 이동 �
Despite Omicron and Airline Cancelations, Exec Predicts 2022 Travel Increase
Inside the Magic 2021.12.29 글로 이동 �
How Much of an Impact will Omicron and Inflation Have on Holiday Travel?
America's Voice News 2021.12.24 글로 이동 �
How voice is changing how we connect with customers
Future CIO 2021.12.24 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Celebrates Landmark Year of New Partnerships and Innovations
BusinessWire 2021.12.22 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner CEO Tim Hentschel on their 3-way SPAC merger
Boardroom Alpha - Know Who Drives Return podcast 2021.12.21 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Co-Founder & CEO Tim Hentschel and Astrea Acquisition Corp. Chairman Mohsen Moazami Discuss 3-way SPAC Merger
SPAC Alpha 2021.12.20 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner President Bruce Rosenberg speaks with One America News regarding holiday travel
One America News 2021.12.20 글로 이동 �
What will the future of travel look like? TPG asks 8 industry experts
The Points Guy 2021.12.18 글로 이동 �
Replay: AI Meets Travel: Join Co-Founder & CEO of HotelPlanner in Fireside Chat 2021.12.09 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Co-Founder & CEO Tim Hentschel on Yahoo Finance TV
Yahoo Finance 2021.12.09 글로 이동 �
Replay: AI Meets Travel: Join Co-Founder & CEO of HotelPlanner in Fireside Chat
IPO Edge 2021.12.09 글로 이동 �
American Group Travel Awards Shine Brightly in South Beach
Cision PR Web 2021.12.07 글로 이동 �
How AI Solutions Can Improve the Travel and Hotel Booking Experience 2021.12.06 글로 이동 �
Travel outlook remain strong, especially in U.S. despite concerns over Omicron variant 2021.12.01 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Takes to the Ice with U.S. Figure Skating Hotel Provider Partnership
Cision PR Web 2021.11.29 글로 이동 �
Hotel Prices Are Through The Roof. Here’s Why People Will Travel Anyway
The Street 2021.11.24 글로 이동 �
Hawaii tourism professionals welcome easing of travel restrictions
Spectrum News 13 2021.11.19 글로 이동 �
What will travelers expect over the next few years? 2021.11.18 글로 이동 �
4 Smart Tips for Thanksgiving Travel 2021.11.18 글로 이동 �
Updated: HotelPlanner Celebrates a Return to Travel with an Upcoming IPO and a Splashy Awards Gala in Miami this December
Impact Wealth 2021.11.17 글로 이동 �
Video featuring HotelPlanner's Co-Founder & CIO John Prince: SPACs and the Future of Travel Investing
Phocuswire 2021.11.17 글로 이동 �
Sports Planning Guide 2021.11.10 글로 이동 �
Back in the Big Apple! Emotional British travellers are reunited with family on American soil after nearly two years apart as US eases Covid travel ban 2021.11.09 글로 이동 �
Nothing But Net - HotelPlanner and the Orlando Magic Announce Hotel Provider Partnership
Cision PR Wire 2021.11.08 글로 이동 �
Relief and reunions in sight as US finally lifts Covid travel restrictions
The Guardian 2021.11.06 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner and the NBA G League Announce Exclusive Hotel Provider Partnership
Cision PRWeb 2021.11.05 글로 이동 �
G League adds HotelPlanner as new sponsor
Sports Business Journal 2021.11.05 글로 이동 �
Which parts of travel weren't changed by COVID? The quality of airline and hotel service
USA Today 2021.10.22 글로 이동 �
“Alexa – Ask HotelPlanner to Make a New Reservation:” Travel Technology Company Launches Alexa-Enabled Booking Feature
BusinessWire 2021.10.18 글로 이동 �
EXCLUSIVE: Astrea Acquisition M&A Partner HotelPlanner To Launch Alexa-Enabled Booking Feature
Benzinga 2021.10.18 글로 이동 � Launches Alexa-AI Enabled Booking Feature, ahead of its NASDAQ listing: John Prince, Co-Founder and CIO of meets up with TravelMole
TravelMole 2021.10.18 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Co-Founder & CIO John Prince announces new 24/7 Alexa-enabled hotel booking feature
YouTube 2021.10.13 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Makes a 'Long-Term Stay' Play with Extended Stay America Hotels
Cision PRWeb 2021.10.12 글로 이동 �
Frustrations mount as Southwest Airlines cancels more flights 2021.10.11 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner's Bruce Rosenberg on News Talk 1540 KXEL
SoundCloud 2021.10.06 글로 이동 �
Will Travel See Another Halt Until 2022?
Yahoo Finance 2021.09.24 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Announces Return of the American Group Travel Awards
Cision PRWeb 2021.09.22 글로 이동 �
Astrea Acquisition Corp. Files Preliminary Proxy Statement in Connection With Its Proposed Business Combination With and
BusinessWire 2021.09.17 글로 이동 �
Tim Hentschel - Travel Technology Innovator - Visionary Leader 2021.09.17 글로 이동 �
Why Small Businesses Struggling to Hire New Employees Should Embrace Gig Workers 2021.09.08 글로 이동 �
People used to book one vacation at a time. Now they’ve started ‘trip stacking’
CNBC Travel 2021.09.01 글로 이동 �
Orlando-based to merge with HotelPlanner in $680M deal
Orlando Sentinel 2021.08.25 글로 이동 �
With SPAC Listing Complete, HotelPlanner CEO Turns To Rebound In Luxury And Leisure Travel
PYMNTS.COM 2021.08.18 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner to Go Public in Three-Way SPAC Merger
Cheddar TV 2021.08.18 글로 이동 �
Super (app) ambitions – the travel industry undergoes a tech transformation
Finance Asia 2021.08.17 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner, to go public through Miami SPAC merger valued at $688M
South Florida Business Journal 2021.08.16 글로 이동 �
Delta Variant: Air Travel Starting to Slow Due to Virus Concerns (Mahesh Chaddah, Co-Founder of featured)
NBC Bay Area 2021.08.12 글로 이동 �
Reimagining the Hotel Booking Experience: HotelPlanner and Enter Three-Way Merger with Astrea Acquisition Corp. to Become a Public Company Listed on NASDAQ
BusinessWire 2021.08.10 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner CEO on Going Public Via a SPAC
CNBC Squawk Box 2021.08.10 글로 이동 �
Hotel rates are expected to rise in the coming months, says HotelPlanner CEO
CNBC Squawk Box Asia 2021.08.10 글로 이동 �
Southwest, American post 2Q profits as air travel picks up
Fox4News Dallas 2021.07.22 글로 이동 �
Ladies European Tour 2021.07.20 글로 이동 �
Hire a Limo and Sidestep the Rental-Car Shortage in Style
Nerd Wallet 2021.06.30 글로 이동 �
Tim Hentschel of Eagerly Awaits a Return to Worldwide Travel after the Pandemic
Impact Wealth 2021.06.29 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Announces Exclusive Partnership with Prestigious Singapore Swimming Club
Business Wire 2021.06.27 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Announces Exclusive Partnership with NewAge, Inc.
Cision PR Web Newswire 2021.06.24 글로 이동 �
e-DestinACCESS Launches Time-Saving, Revenue-Generating Digital Meeting and Event Planning Platform 2021.06.24 글로 이동 �
CNBC TRAVEL Some destinations are shutting out unvaccinated travelers. Here are a few
CNBC Travel 2021.06.22 글로 이동 �
Meet the travellers who have taken remote working to the extreme
National Geographic 2021.06.20 글로 이동 �
Unite to conquer: how travel, tourism and hospitality players can help pandemic recovery
TTG Asia 2021.06.14 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner and World Cruiserweight Champion Lawrence Okolie Announce “The Road to Unification” Partnership and Campaign 2021.06.10 글로 이동 �
MeetingPackage Signs a Partnership With HotelPlanner and Increases Meeting Room & Event Space Distribution With Over 10,000 Channels 2021.06.08 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner and World Cruiserweight Champion Lawrence Okolie Announce The Road to Unification Partnership and Campaign
Cision PR Web Newswire 2021.06.07 글로 이동 �
Post-Pandemic Travel Trends with Tim Hentschel, HotelPlanner CEO
TravelMole 2021.05.31 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Offers Discounts From Memorial Day Through Independence Day to U.S. Military and Veteran Community
Cision PR Web Newswire 2021.05.27 글로 이동 �
7 Affordable Weekend Getaways for Parents 2021.05.27 글로 이동 �
The Hidden Costs of Traveling To Hawaii and Other Popular Destinations During COVID-19 2021.05.25 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Offers Booking Discounts for Pride Month Travel
Cision PR Web Newswire 2021.05.25 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner and Soccer United Marketing Partner for Major League Soccer’s MexTour 2021
Cision PR Web Newswire 2021.05.21 글로 이동 �
How Your Hotel Stay Will Be Different When Traveling Post-Pandemic
yahoo! finance 2021.05.18 글로 이동 �
Disney Parks Reopening x Travel Trends 2021.05.18 글로 이동 �
USA Boxing Announces Partnership With HotelPlanner
USA Boxing 2021.05.17 글로 이동 �
Business Travel Plans Could Leave Hotels High and Dry 2021.04.29 글로 이동 � Announces the Appointment of Philip Ballard to the Newly Created Role of Chief Communications Officer & Head of Investor Relations
Cision PR Web Newswire 2021.04.27 글로 이동 �
Tim Hentschel × HotelPlanner 2021.04.26 글로 이동 �
5 Family-Friendly Vacations To Take This Summer That Won't Break The Bank 2021.04.19 글로 이동 �
The Case For, And Against, A Vaccination Passport
Matador Network 2021.03.26 글로 이동 �
USL Announces Multi-Year Partnership with
United Soccer League 2021.03.15 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner & USA Pickleball Sign Multi-Year Agreement to Provide Accommodations
PR 2021.03.04 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Partners with New Jersey Devils & Philadelphia 76ers
Yahoo Finance 2021.03.02 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner and Tennis Legend John Isner Announce The Race to the World Record
Yahoo Finance 2021.02.12 글로 이동 �
Esports Company IGC signs with HotelPlanner
Esportsobserver 2021.02.03 글로 이동 �
Regional Travel to Pick Up Soon
CNBC 2020.12.30 글로 이동 �
Hotelplanner renews sponsorship of USA Olympic Team
Around the Rings 2020.12.04 글로 이동 �
Win Travel selects HotelPlanner as Booking Engine
TravelMole 2020.11.27 글로 이동 �
Perfect Game & Hotelplanner Join Forces
Business Insider 2020.11.17 글로 이동 �
Spartan Seals HotelPlanner Partnership 2020.10.21 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner CEO on travel trends as states reopen
Yahoo Finance 2020.05.19 글로 이동 �
A Guide to Summer Travel
CNBC 2020.03.13 글로 이동 �
How Corona Virus is Affecting Travel
Fox Business News 2020.02.28 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Acquires Online Venue Marketplace
Yahoo Finance 2020.02.11 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner and Announce the Categories and Nominees for the Sixth Annual 2020 European Group Travel Awards
PR 2020.02.10 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Gives on the Wendy Williams Show!
Wendy Williams 2019.12.18 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner and NASCAR Ink Multi-Year Deal 2019.11.05 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Partners with Greenview to Support Tropical Forest Restoration
PR 2019.10.30 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner To Acquire Venue Market Start-Up Venuexplorer Singapore
PR 2019.10.10 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Announces the Opening of its Singapore Office
PR 2019.10.04 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Announces Extended Partnership with The Knot Worldwide
PR 2019.08.13 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Announces Acquisition of Room 77
PR 2019.03.05 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner COO, Bruce Rosenberg gives Super Bowl away on Wendy Williams Show
Wendy Williams Show 2019.02.02 글로 이동 �
CNN interviews HotelPlanner CEO, Tim Hentschel
CNN 2019.02.01 글로 이동 � Feature on the Wendy Williams Show
Wendy Williams 2018.12.13 글로 이동 �
EXCLUSIVE: Travel Industry Giant Tim Hentschel; A Profile of an Innovator and Humanitarian
Long Island News 2018.11.27 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner CEO, Tim Hentschel on the cover of Metropolitan Magazine
Metropolitan Magazine 2018.11.19 글로 이동 �
West Palm Beach becoming hub for technology companies
West Palm Beach TV 2018.11.05 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner official booking partner of Team USA's Olympic Triathletes
Team USA 2018.10.29 글로 이동 � Announces the Appointment of Timothy Gunstone
PR 2018.10.17 글로 이동 � gaat samenwerking aan met MeetingReview
Hospitality Management 2018.08.27 글로 이동 �
Group and meetings hotel bookings in turmoil
TravelMole 2018.08.20 글로 이동 �
How to plan the perfect group trip
Afar Magazine 2018.06.18 글로 이동 �
European Group Travel Awards 2018: Award Show Highlights from Group Travel’s Biggest Night
PRUK 2018.03.09 글로 이동 � Announces UNICEF as the Charity Beneficiary of the 4th Annual 2018 European Group Travel Awards
PR 2018.03.08 글로 이동 � Unveils Latest Group Reservations Technology for Hotels
PRWEB 2018.03.05 글로 이동 �
Powerboat P1 welcomes as official hotel bookings partner
Powerboat P1 SuperStock 2018.03.01 글로 이동 � & Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Team Up to Increase Business to Palm Beach County
PRWEB 2018.02.27 글로 이동 � Appoints Bas Lemmens, Co-founder of, as new CEO
PR 2018.02.22 글로 이동 �
Year in Review: & Expand Global Group Hotel Marketplace as the Company Approaches its 15-Year Anniversary
PR 2018.02.01 글로 이동 � Co-Founder and CEO Timothy Hentschel Named 2018 Cornell Hospitality Innovator of the Year
PR 2018.01.30 글로 이동 �
Hotel School Alumnus Named Hospitality Innovator for 2018
The Cornell Daily Sun 2018.01.28 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner CEO Named Cornell Hospitality Innovator for 2018
hospitalitynet 2018.01.24 글로 이동 �
Super Bowl 2018: Affordable Rates Still Available Online
PRWEB 2018.01.22 글로 이동 �
Vote Now: Categories & Nominees Announced for the 2018 European Group Travel Awards
PRUK 2018.01.09 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner & Promotes Melissa Le’ppin as New Chief Sales Officer
PR 2018.01.03 글로 이동 � Unveils Its Annual Ranking of Top New Year’s Destinations
PRWEB 2017.12.19 글로 이동 � Announces the Winners of the 2017 American Group Travel Awards
PR 2017.11.14 글로 이동 � Announces the Entertainment Lineup for the 2017 American Group Travel Awards (AGTA)
PR 2017.10.25 글로 이동 �
World’s Best Hotels and Sales Managers for Group Travel
PR 2017.10.10 글로 이동 �
Voting Still Open for the 2017 American Group Travel Awards- Deadline Quickly Approaching
PRWEB 2017.10.05 글로 이동 � Announces St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® as the Official Charity of the 4th Annual 2017 American Group Travel Awards
PR 2017.09.21 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Launches $20,000 Scholarship Program For Military Veterans And Their Families
PR 2017.09.19 글로 이동 � Signs Football Partnership Deal with Hellas Verona F.C.
PR 2017.08.31 글로 이동 �
PBA Extends Partnership Agreement with
PRWEB 2017.08.29 글로 이동 �
Labor Day Weekend - How Cities Are Attracting Tourism
PR 2017.08.21 글로 이동 � Partners with Triple Crown Sports for Team Travel
PRWEB 2017.08.15 글로 이동 � Co-founder and CIO Named 40 Under 40 Honoree
PR 2017.08.09 글로 이동 � Announces Categories and Nominees for the Fourth Annual 2017 American Group Travel Awards
PR 2017.08.03 글로 이동 � Announces Newest Senior Regional Product Director for Las Vegas
PRWEB 2017.07.11 글로 이동 � Announces Team Skipper In Biggest Round The World Ocean Race
PR 2017.07.06 글로 이동 � to Debut in Clipper 2017-18 Round The World Yacht Race
PR 2017.06.28 글로 이동 � Announced As Team Partner with Clipper Around the World
Clipper Round The World 2017.06.28 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner to Receive Visual Content from ICE Portal
PR 2017.06.27 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Names Best Cities to Visit for July 4th Celebrations
PR 2017.06.19 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner & Reveal Top 100 Best U.S. Hotels for Group Travel
PRWEB 2017.06.01 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner and Introduce World’s First Virtual Planners
PR 2017.05.16 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner & Reveal List of Best U.S. Sales Managers for Group Travel
PR 2017.05.11 글로 이동 �
Atlanta, Charlotte, and San Diego Among Top in Demand U.S. Destinations for Small Business Meetings
PR 2017.04.20 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Acquires, Expanding Online Reservations Platform
PRWEB 2017.04.11 글로 이동 �
Travel-Ticker returns, then disappears again via sale to HotelPlanner
Tnooz 2017.04.11 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner and Travelport Partner to Improve How Groups Search and Book Hotel Rooms
PR 2017.04.05 글로 이동 �
Best Western Partners with HotelPlanner to Launch BWGroups RFP Tool
PR 2017.04.03 글로 이동 �
AllTheRooms taps HotelPlanner for group travel expansion
TravelMole 2017.03.29 글로 이동 �
Leveraging Unsold Rooms: Newest System to Combat Attrition Penalties
PRWEB 2017.03.22 글로 이동 �
European Group Travel Awards 2017 Winners: The Complete List
PR 2017.03.10 글로 이동 � Announces Corporate Net Rate Group Booking Technology
PRWEB 2017.03.08 글로 이동 �
LPGA Announces New Partner and Debut of LPGA Travel on
LPGA 2017.03.07 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner: a mid-cap company with a ‘contrarian’ plan
eyefortravel 2017.03.01 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Acquires and, a Los Angeles-based Company
PR 2017.02.28 글로 이동 � launches corporate net rate group booking tech
Tnooz 2017.02.27 글로 이동 �
Vote for the Best by February 22nd for the 2017 European Group Travel Awards
PRWEB 2017.02.15 글로 이동 �
AquAffirm™ Selected as the Official Charity Partner of EGTA
PR 2017.02.13 글로 이동 �
How two WPB companies are expanding
Palm Beach Post 2017.02.11 글로 이동 �
Love is in the Air: Weddings in Secondary Cities Increasing in Popularity
PR 2017.02.07 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner & Delivers Significant Growth in 2016
PRWEB 2017.01.31 글로 이동 �
Score Winning Hotel Deals for Super Bowl 2017
PR 2017.01.24 글로 이동 �
USA TODAY SPORTS ACTIVE ALLIANCE presented by Mazda names as Official Partner
Endurance Sportswire 2017.01.24 글로 이동 �
Voting Opens for the 2017 European Group Travel Awards
PRWEB 2017.01.09 글로 이동 �
Hotels Still Available, but Prices Rising Quickly to Ring in the New Year
PR 2016.12.20 글로 이동 � Appoints New Chief Litigation Officer
PRWEB 2016.12.06 글로 이동 �
Group Bookings Outperforming Rest of Market
hotelandtourismonline 2016.12.02 글로 이동 �
Getting the Welcome Right
hotelandtourismonline 2016.12.01 글로 이동 � Selected as Official Hotel Booking Company for the 2016 Boca Raton Bowl
PR 2016.11.29 글로 이동 �
American Group Travel Awards 2016: All the Highlights and Winners
PRWEB 2016.11.15 글로 이동 �
Serving Us, Serving You: Saluting Military Families
PR 2016.11.08 글로 이동 �
As group hotel bookings shift online, HotelPlanner sees opportunity
Tnooz 2016.11.07 글로 이동 �
John Prince Named Chief Information Officer of the Year
PRWEB 2016.10.25 글로 이동 �
American’s On The Move- 35% of Extended Stay Travel Due to Relocation
PRWEB 2016.10.04 글로 이동 �
Swansea City Announces HotelPlanner Partnership 2016.10.04 글로 이동 � and SuperShuttle Partner Together to Provide Exclusive Travel Services
PRWEB 2016.09.28 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Celebrates 14th Year In Business
SuperbCrew 2016.09.15 글로 이동 �
Leaders Announce HotelPlanner Partnership 2016.08.24 글로 이동 � Winner of 2016 Florida Companies to Watch Award
GrowFL 2016.08.23 글로 이동 �
Labor Day Weekend 2016: Hotel Deals to Celebrate
PR 2016.08.18 글로 이동 �
AutoZone Liberty Bowl Extends Agreement with
PRWEB 2016.08.12 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Named Official Hotel Reservations Partner for Inter Milan Football Club
PR 2016.08.03 글로 이동 � Reveals the Most Group-Friendly Beach Cities in America
PRWEB 2016.07.28 글로 이동 � Enhances Meeting Planner Services with E-destinACCESS
Hotel News Resource 2016.07.26 글로 이동 � Partners with ABC Global Services
PR 2016.07.20 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner signs partnership with
TravelMole 2016.06.24 글로 이동 �
Groups and meetings growth to outperform overall hotel sector in 2016
Tnooz 2016.06.16 글로 이동 �
Celebrate! Low Hotel Prices Still Available for 4th of July
PRWEB 2016.06.09 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Awarded State Of Louisiana Contract
PRWEB 2016.05.24 글로 이동 � Announces Top 10 Cities and States for Group Hotel Bookings
PR 2016.05.19 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner reaches its 3 Millionth Group
Tnooz 2016.05.16 글로 이동 � Teams Up with Hickory Global Partners
PRWEB 2016.04.21 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Becomes Euroleague Basketball’s Official Online Travel Accommodation Partner
PRWEB 2016.04.13 글로 이동 � Acquires Hotel Hotline
Leisure Group Travel 2016.03.30 글로 이동 � Acquires Hotel Hotline
PRWEB 2016.03.29 글로 이동 �
European Group Travel Awards 2016: All the Highlights and Winners
PRWEB 2016.03.11 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Partners with Matchroom Sport: Offering Exclusive Hotel & Ticket Packages for IBF World Title Fight
PRWEB 2016.03.02 글로 이동 � Announces Partnership with Elite Hospitality Alliance Global
PRWEB 2016.02.23 글로 이동 �
Vote Now for the 2016 European Group Travel Awards, Hosted by
PRWEB 2016.02.17 글로 이동 �
Record Setting Growth - 2015 Year in Review
PRWEB 2016.02.02 글로 이동 �
Top 50 Sales Managers Worldwide
PRWEB 2016.01.29 글로 이동 �
Going Green: The Launch of eContracting™
PRWEB 2016.01.28 글로 이동 �
World’s Best Hotels for Group Travel
PRWEB 2016.01.27 글로 이동 �
Joe Groglio Appointed CFO of
PR 2016.01.26 글로 이동 �
Hotel Rates Rising for Super Bowl 50- Here’s How to Score the Best Deals
PRWEB 2016.01.25 글로 이동 �
Top 50 USA Group Sales Managers
PRWEB 2016.01.21 글로 이동 �
Best USA Hotels for Group Travel
PRWEB 2016.01.19 글로 이동 � Unveils Cloud-Based Operating System
Hospitality Technology 2016.01.13 글로 이동 � Announces New Platform & New President for Global Expansion
PRWEB 2016.01.11 글로 이동 �
Voting Officially Open for the 2016 European Group Travel Awards
PRWEB 2015.12.30 글로 이동 � grows in West Palm Beach
Palm Beach Post 2015.12.17 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner &’s Global Headquarters Grand Opening in West Palm Beach, Florida Showcases Growth and Future Job Openings
PRWEB 2015.12.14 글로 이동 �
10 formas de ahorrar en tus próximas vacaciones
CNN 2015.11.25 글로 이동 �
Emerging Leaders in the Group Travel Hospitality Industry
PRWEB 2015.11.18 글로 이동 �
American Group Travel Awards Recognizes 2015 Group Hospitality Champions
PRWEB 2015.11.10 글로 이동 �
Spotlight: Hotel booking company based in West Palm Beach finds room to grow
Miami Herald 2015.11.01 글로 이동 � Promotes Ed Gillis to Vice President of Business Development for
PRWEB 2015.10.22 글로 이동 �
Voting Deadline Approaches for the 2015 American Group Travel Awards
PRWEB 2015.10.05 글로 이동 �
The Case for Travel Agents
Entrepreneur Magazine 2015.09.25 글로 이동 �
Focus On Sustainable Growth, NOT Growth At All Cost
LinkedIn Pulse 2015.09.23 글로 이동 �
American Group Travel Awards Sets Record for 2015 Sponsors
PRWEB 2015.09.17 글로 이동 �
274th 1M/1M Roundtable September 3, 2015: With HotelPlanner and CEO Tim Hentschel
1M/1M 2015.09.04 글로 이동 � Reveals Top Travel Destinations and Discounted Room Rates Throughout the Holiday Weekend
PRWEB 2015.09.03 글로 이동 � Launches Partnership with Millwall Football Club
PR 2015.08.31 글로 이동 �
Hotel booking exec charts growth for his company in West Palm Beach
Palm Beach Post 2015.08.24 글로 이동 �
Queens Park Rangers UK Pro-Football Club partners with HotelPlanner
QPR 2015.08.21 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner picks West Palm Beach for HQ expansion
Palm Beach Post 2015.08.10 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Expands Office Space to New West Palm Beach Headquarters
South FL Business Journal 2015.08.03 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner CEO to judge EyeForTravel's Startup Awards
Hotel News Resource 2015.07.22 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner reveals 2015 American Group Travel Awards nominees
TravelMole 2015.07.01 글로 이동 �
This Fourth of July, Celebrate the USA's Biggest Event at the Lowest Prices
PRWEB 2015.06.25 글로 이동 � Awarded Exclusive U.S. Communities Travel Services & Solutions Contract
PRWEB 2015.06.16 글로 이동 �
Mid America Youth Basketball (MAYB) Partners with HotelPlanner &
PRWEB 2015.06.11 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Implements Dyn and Instart Logic Solutions to Optimize Global Online Customer Experiences
PRWEB 2015.06.10 글로 이동 �
NBA Finals Heating Up, But Hotel Rates Still Looking Good
PRWEB 2015.06.09 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner CEO: Makes Every Day a Training Day
The Wall Street Journal 2015.06.01 글로 이동 �
Bootstrapping to $20 Million with Intelligent Financial Engineering
One Million by One Million 2015.05.13 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner partners with DocuSign for instant group contracting
TravelMole 2015.05.12 글로 이동 � PGA EuroPro Tour: Celtic Manor ready
Today's Golfer 2015.05.12 글로 이동 �
Cajon Pass traffic expected to increase due to Vegas fight
DailyBulletin 2015.04.30 글로 이동 �
5 ways wedding guests can save money
Yahoo Finance 2015.04.23 글로 이동 �
Hotel pricing mechanisms
Tnooz 2015.04.22 글로 이동 �
European Group Travel Awards Recognizes 2015 Champions
PRWEB 2015.03.06 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Announces New iPhone and iPad App Enhancements
PRWEB 2015.03.03 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner books Burson-Marsteller
PRWEB 2015.01.27 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner & 2014 Year in Review
PRWEB 2015.01.27 글로 이동 �
Best Group Booking Hotels for 2014 Announced
PRWEB 2014.12.30 글로 이동 �
PONY Baseball Partners with HotelPlanner for 3rd Year
TravelMole 2014.12.12 글로 이동 �
Voting Now Open for the 2015 European Group Travel Awards
PRWEB 2014.12.02 글로 이동 �
Group Travel Business in Asia Grows By 160%
PRWEB 2014.10.29 글로 이동 � Announces New App for Salesforce AppExchange
PRWEB 2014.10.14 글로 이동 � PGA Europro Tour announces Visit Egypt
Today's Golfer 2014.10.09 글로 이동 �
Best Western Achieves the Highest Increase in Group Travel Revenue Growth in 2013
PRWEB 2014.10.07 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner & Appoint Bruce Rosenberg as Chief Operating Officer
PRWEB 2014.10.02 글로 이동 �
Company's group demand is up 120% YOY in Europe
PRWEB 2014.09.30 글로 이동 �
Wyndham Sponsors American Group Travel Awards
PRWEB 2014.09.25 글로 이동 � Awarded State of Mississippi Contract
PRWEB 2014.09.16 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner was named to the Inc. Magazine fastest-growing private companies list
PRWEB 2014.08.21 글로 이동 �
Nominees for the 2014 American Group Travel Awards
PRWEB 2014.08.01 글로 이동 � Renews Exclusive Partnership with the St. Louis Rams Pro Football Team
PRWEB 2014.07.25 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner and Landor Travel Publications Partner to Create the American Group Travel Awards
TravelMole 2014.07.17 글로 이동 �
Hotels and the Big 3
EyeForTravel 2014.05.16 글로 이동 �
PGA EuroPro Tour Announces as Title Sponsor
PRWEB 2014.04.11 글로 이동 �
Leisure Group Travel to Sponsor Inaugural American Group Travel Awards
PRWEB 2014.04.01 글로 이동 �
Innovation, Information and Interaction
ITB Berlin 2014.03.07 글로 이동 � partners with TRIPinfo
PRWEB 2014.02.13 글로 이동 � Names Its 2013 Top Group Performing Hotel Brand Partners
PRWEB 2014.02.04 글로 이동 � Names the 2013 Top 50 Best of the Best Hotels
PRWEB 2014.01.23 글로 이동 �
2014 Dog Show Weekend Announces Partnership with
PRWEB 2014.01.14 글로 이동 �
Talk of the Town News Customer Satisfaction Award:
Talk of the Town 2014.01.01 글로 이동 �
Pro Bowling signs deal with as official travel partner
Bowling Digital 2013.12.20 글로 이동 � is a platinum sponsor of charity tournament
PRWEB 2013.09.24 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Celebrates 10 years!
PRWEB 2013.09.23 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner to Present at the Eye For Travel
PRWEB 2013.09.16 글로 이동 � Acquires
TravelMole 2013.07.25 글로 이동 �
Hotel Website Joins List Of New Sponsors 2013.07.01 글로 이동 �
San Jose State is 70th University to Partner with HotelPlanner
PRWEB 2013.06.18 글로 이동 �
AFC Wimbledon and team up
Wimbledon Guardian 2013.06.14 글로 이동 �
USA Canoe/Kayak Team Selects
PRWEB 2013.06.11 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Awarded State of Louisiana Contract
PRWEB 2013.06.04 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner to be New Hampshire Motor Speedway’s Preferred Hotel Provider
PRWEB 2013.05.30 글로 이동 �
American Amateur Baseball Congress and Announce Partnership
PRWEB 2013.05.28 글로 이동 �
Dixie Youth Baseball and Announce Partnership
PRWEB 2013.05.06 글로 이동 �
WF Shootout! and HotelPlanner Help Travel Teams Save on Hotel Rooms
PRWEB 2013.04.29 글로 이동 �
Professional Darts Corporation Inks Partnership 2013.04.03 글로 이동 �
Chains, OTAs and Google
Global Travel News 2013.03.19 글로 이동 �
Super Billiards Expo Selects HotelPlanner to Provide Hotel Reservation Services
PRWEB 2013.03.12 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Announces at ITB Berlin support for 20 languages & 70 countries
PRWEB 2013.03.12 글로 이동 � Announces Partnership with Laguna in the UK
PRWEB 2013.03.07 글로 이동 �
Win $500 in Hotel Rooms from the Los Angeles Clippers and
PRWEB 2013.02.20 글로 이동 �
CEO of HotelPlanner Reviews Travel Tech. Trends at EyeForTravel
PRWEB 2013.02.18 글로 이동 � Races to Please
Digital Journal 2013.02.13 글로 이동 � Announces Its New “HotelPlanner Reviews” Product
PR Newswire 2013.02.13 글로 이동 �
Champion Racing Association Announces Partnership With HotelPlanner
PRWEB 2013.01.03 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Partners with Trailways Transportation
Digital Journal 2012.12.19 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Partners with America Bus Association
PRWEB 2012.12.11 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner becomes booking partner of iSportConnect in London
Express Hospitality 2012.11.29 글로 이동 �
Savvy moves can help you save on travel
Florida Weekly 2012.11.28 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner's Orange Bowl Partnership to Enhance Company's Ambitions
iSportconnect 2012.11.27 글로 이동 � Announces the Opening of European Headquarters in London
PRWEB 2012.11.02 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Named Official Hotel Booking Partner of the AutoZone Liberty Bowl
Sports Pro 2012.10.31 글로 이동 �
PONY and HotelPlanner Announce Joint Venture
Travel Daily 2012.10.24 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Promotes Bruce Rosenberg to EVP
PR Newswire 2012.10.09 글로 이동 �
HotelPlanner Sponsors the® Takes a Swing at Beating Cancer...
IT News Online 2012.10.02 글로 이동 �
App of the day: Hotel Planner iPad App
First Coast News 2012.09.07 글로 이동 � releases iPad app for customers and hotel managers
Travel Daily News 2012.08.30 글로 이동 �
GSAC Partners With Hotel 2012.08.30 글로 이동 �
Frank Thomas Joins Broadcast Team for NYBC 2012.08.15 글로 이동 � title sponsor for youth baseball championship
Memphis Business Journal 2012.07.05 글로 이동 �
No bull — Professional Bull Riders lasso Hotel Planner for group bookings 2012.06.01 글로 이동 �
CEO of to Speak on Group Travel Trends
PR Newswire 2012.05.11 글로 이동 � Supports Its Team Travel Partner, NHL's FL Panthers
Biz Journals 2012.04.11 글로 이동 �
Bruce Rosenberg Joins HotelPlanner as VP Brand Relations
PR Newswire 2012.03.13 글로 이동 �
Texas Youth Baseball Tournament Names Its Title Sponsor!
PR Newswire 2012.03.09 글로 이동 �
Largest Game Day Free Hotel Room Giveaway Ever! 2012.02.23 글로 이동 � Gives Away Free Hotel Rooms on Its Mobile Apps!
TheStreet 2012.01.31 글로 이동 � and The Chargers Are Giving Away $2500
PR Newswire 2011.10.19 글로 이동 �
How to Save on Group Travel
The New York Times 2011.05.04 글로 이동 � is the Official Hotel Planner of the Los Angeles Clippers 2010.01.20 글로 이동 �
For Good Hotel Rates, Bring the School Band
The Wall Street Journal 2009.12.30 글로 이동 �

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모바일 애플리케이션 주간 호텔 객실 사은 행사에서 최대 1,000달러에 이르는 호텔 객실을 무료로 제공합니다. 모바일과 Facebook 사용자는 Facebook 페이지와 iPhone, Android 모바일 애플리케이션에서 최대 500달러의 객실에 당첨될 수 있습니다.

HotelPlanner는 기업 회의 브랜드 Mettings.com을 완전히 소유 및 운영합니다. Meetings.com은 2013년에 인수되었습니다. Meetings.com의 미션은 기업과 단체 회의 플래너에게 전 세계의 회의 및 연회장 정보를 제공하는 최고의 사이트가 되는 것입니다.

스포츠 후원

Book Like The Pros(프로처럼 예약하기) 후원 캠페인에 신청하고 싶다면, 여러분이 특별 판촉 상품에 등록할 수 있는 자격이 된다는 내용을 적은 후 로 이메일을 보내주시기 바랍니다.

Group Travel Awards(AGTA & EGTA)

HotelPlanner.com은 American Group Travel Awards(AGTA)를 만들고, 유럽에는 European Group Travel Awards(EGTA)를 만들어서 단체 여행을 선도하는 단체와 개인에게 시상하고 있습니다.

스포츠 후원

HotelPlanner 후원 캠페인, "Book Like The Pros, Book with프로처럼 예약하기, HotelPlanner.com으로 예약)"은 2010년에 처음으로 시작되었고, 캠페인에 선정된 청소년팀에게 여행 숙박비를 재정적으로 지원하였습니다. 최저가 제공을 보장함으로써, 주요 스포츠팀과 컨퍼런스에까지 서비스 제공 범위가 확대되었습니다.

Book Like The Pros(프로처럼 예약하기) 후원 캠페인에 신청하고 싶다면, 여러분이 특별 판촉 상품에 등록할 수 있는 자격이 된다는 내용을 적은 후 {SPONSOREMAIL}로 이메일을 보내주시기 바랍니다.

American Group Travel Awards

Group Travel Awards(AGTA & EGTA)

HotelPlanner.com은 American Group Travel Awards(AGTA)를 만들고, 유럽에는 European Group Travel Awards(EGTA)를 만들어서 단체 여행을 선도하는 단체와 개인에게 시상하고 있습니다.

전 MSNBC TV 진행자이자 TV 언론인, 뉴욕타임스 베스트셀러 작가, 다큐멘터리 영화 제작자인 Dylan Ratigan이 베를린 중심가에 있는 일류 호텔, Intercontinental Berlin에서 2015년 3월 5일에 열리는 제1회 European Group Travel Awards를 진행합니다. 제1회 American Group Travel Awards는 2014년 11월 11일에 뉴욕의 유서 깊은 허드슨 극장(Hudson Theatre)과 타임스퀘어에서 개최되었고, 세 가지 브로드웨이 공연(레미제라블, 킨키 부츠, 오페라의 유령)을 실시간으로 제공했습니다.

Beach Illustration Sunshine Rays

주간 호텔 객실 사은 행사 주간 호텔 객실 사은 행사에서 최대 1,000달러에 이르는 호텔 객실을 무료로 제공합니다. 모바일과 Facebook 사용자는 Facebook 페이지와 iPhone, Android 모바일 애플리케이션에서 최대 500달러의 객실에 당첨될 수 있습니다.

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HotelPlanner 최신 앱으로 손 안에서 단체 최저가 요금으로 객실을 예약할 수 있습니다. 최신 버전에는 단체 코디네이터와 단체 호텔 판매 매니저가 모두 단체 호텔 객실을 예약하는 기능이 있습니다.

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TV 광고 및 홍보 캠페인

전국에 지역적으로 방양되는 TV 광고를 살펴보십시오.

TV Commercial 1
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TV Commercial 3
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HotelPlanner는 기업 회의 브랜드 Mettings.com을 완전히 소유 및 운영합니다. Meetings.com은 2013년에 인수되었습니다. Meetings.com의 미션은 기업과 단체 회의 플래너에게 전 세계의 회의 및 연회장 정보를 제공하는 최고의 사이트가 되는 것입니다. 방문

HotelPlanner를 사용하는 10가지 장점

고객의 입소문을 타고 있는 이유에 대해 알아보세요.

최저가 단체 요금 보장

HotelPlanner.com은 호텔 등급 이상에서 1박에 10개 객실 이상 예약할 경우 단체 여행 객실 요금을 최저가 또는 최저가 이하로 제공합니다.

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HotelPlanner를 사용하는 10가지 장점

1. 고객을 호텔과 직접 연결시켜 최저 가격과 단체 예약 정책을 보장합니다.
2. 입찰을 거절하는 방식으로 온라인에서 협상합니다.
3. 귀하의 단체에 온라인 객실 목록 작성 도구를 제공합니다.
4. 단체에서 이용하고 요금을 지불한 호텔 객실에 대하여 환급을 받을 수 있습니다(환급 시스템).
5. 여러 호텔에 전화를 걸지 않아도 됩니다.
6. 몇 초만에 수천 개의 주요 호텔에 공개됩니다.
7. 각 호텔의 개별적인 관심을 받으면서도 인터넷의 힘을 활용할 수 있습니다.
8. HotelPlanner의 자동화된 단체 예약 시스템은 특허 출원 기술을 사용합니다.
9. 보증금 요구 사항이나 취소 정책과 같은 호텔 단체 예약 정보 데이터베이스에 접속할 수 있습니다.
10. 귀하의 단체에 전송되는 무료 이벤트 웹사이트

최저가 단체 요금 보장

HotelPlanner.com은 호텔 등급 이상에서 1박에 10개 객실 이상 예약할 경우 단체 여행 객실 요금을 최저가 또는 최저가 이하로 제공합니다. 당사 단체 요금은 최저가 요금인지 항상 점검받습니다. 호텔 단체 요금 오른쪽에 있는 초록색 퍼센트가 단체 요금으로 얼마나 절약할 수 있는지 나타냅니다.

호텔 최저가 요금을 적용받지 못했을 경우, 플래너에게 알려주십시오. 당사 사이트를 통해 단체 여행 코디네이터가 객실 요금을 당사가 부담합니다.

HotelPlanner.com은 사전 고지 없이 언제든 이 오퍼를 중단하거나 수정할 수 있습니다. 이 오퍼는 온라인 단체 여행 시스템이나 당사와 함께 일하는 호텔 매니저의 오프라인 견적으로 받은 요금에만 적용됩니다.